JAFZA, Dubai

15,064 sqm

Financial Services

Design & Build

12 June 2023

Watania Takaful, a leading takaful provider in the UAE approached Horton Interiors to design a workspace that not only mirrors their core values but also becomes hub for innovation.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, our design narrative embodies Watania’s ethos through vibrant colors fostering tranquility and focus. Ingeniously planned spaces featuring curved lines optimise functionality and aesthetics while promoting seamless collaboration and improved productivity.

Focusing on sustainability and employee well-being, the workspace includes a beautifully crafted curved logo wall welcoming visitors, complemented by a lush foliage feature serving as a seating area. The use of eco-friendly materials and efficient energy-saving lighting creates a zen workspace, enhancing employee comfort and productivity.

Keeping the design aesthetic zen-balanced allowed for a visually striking interior that fosters a welcoming atmosphere for employees and visitors alike, making Watania’s office not just a workspace but a place of inspiration and creativity.