How the Increasing Demand for Bespoke Services is Changing the Residential Interior Design Industry

Customer demands for increasingly intricate and personalised services are becoming the norm in many sectors. And discerning property buyers in the luxury real estate market are a great example. When they purchase a home, they consider it a template for something unique. The fixtures and fittings may have suited the previous owner’s tastes, but not the current one. Adding a personalised touch through bespoke and customisable services is a trend that will continue to grow. In fact, the majority of residential briefs we receive now require a unique approach.

If you’re a purchaser with grand designs in mind, the design and fit-out industry is evolving to meet these specific requirements.

Stamping your identity on a residential property is easier than ever. Only a few years ago, homeowners had the headache of trying and failing to realise their visions. This was down to an industry-wide inability to shift from tried and tested measures. Since then, ultra-custom projects have become a “can do” situation as interior designers are now finding creative solutions to meet the demands. Put bluntly, you’ll lose out on business quickly if you’re still telling clients “no” when it comes to projects that don’t follow your usual template in 2023 and beyond.

As the demand for personalised living spaces increases, we’re also noticing a new trend in styles. Homeowners no longer want the flashy and extravagant look – they’re leaning more towards the minimalist approach. It’s what design savants of Sweden would deem “Lagom” or “just the right amount”.

Minimalism is in vogue for luxury living and flaunting wealth with gaudy furniture is out. This doesn’t mean every home feels empty – not by a long shot. But curating a home with your individual layout, materials, artwork, and more, creates a living space that is personal to you. Add several statement pieces, such as a custom-designed kitchen island or bespoke furniture in the living room, and you’ve achieved unparalleled exclusivity.

When a luxury residential homeowner comes to Horton Interiors with a project, we enter every meeting with an open mind. Understanding and reflecting the client’s design and fit-out preferences is key to us delivering their vision.

From the initial consultation stage, which acts as a fact-finding mission for us, to the official handover, we’re constantly communicating with them to ensure nothing is missed. Even though they may come to us with a plan, we always help them evolve the project with our wealth of expertise.

We don’t leave anything to chance either. We carefully analyse everything before building our plans, including the property’s architectural features and personal lifestyle requirements. Personalised layouts can involve maximising natural light, creating open-plan living areas or installing cutting-edge smart home technology throughout.

When it comes to furniture and finishes, we delve deep into the homeowner’s aesthetic preferences, functional needs and if they have any design cues they’d like us to follow. Our methods even take in specific client themes. For example, if they’re into MMA, we’ll design a gym that contains all the weights and machines they could want and even install an octagon complete with soft flooring. If the client has a vast art collection, we can design the perfect spots to showcase them. Delivering a vision that is often complex and very personal to the homeowner demands such a thorough approach.

Consequently, the homeowner has not only created their ideal living space, but a place that will catch the eye if/when it’s time to sell. Not everyone likes to go through a complete fit-out when purchasing a property, so by adding a unique touch, there’s more chance of attracting interested buyers.

The almost endless possibilities with fit-outs and designs can seem daunting to both clients and companies alike, but with the proper guidance and creativity, dream projects can be achieved. There really hasn’t been a better time to add a personal touch to your home.