Five Workplace Productivity Sinks and How to Tackle Them

Today, the vast majority of people work in an office, but less than a quarter works in an office that’s designed to maximize productivity. A noisy, cluttered and poorly lit office can make work a challenge and looks bad to visitors and clients alike. Here are some common office productivity sinks and how to combat them.

1. Noise

As popular as the open plan office has become, it does come at a price. Conversations and general noise pollution does a number on productivity, with workers reporting an estimated 66% decline in reading comprehension and writing efficiency in a noisy environment.

Solution: Make a headphone friendly workplace! Studies show that employees that wear headphones and listen to music are better able to ‘zoom in’ on tasks and enjoy boosted productivity.

2. Natural Light

Studies have shown that employees working in windowless environments are 15% less productive than their counterparts with windows.

Solution: Add windows and skylights to your workplace to help boost your employees focus. In case that’s not practical, look into installing lights that mimic sunlight to provide the same feel.

3. Clutter

A cluttered workplace not only looks unprofessional and bad to visitors, it’s also a major time sink as your employees’ waste time looking for stuff. On average, companies lose AED 18,000 a year due to cluttered workspaces.

Solution: To help your employees work better, encourage them to routinely ‘de-clutter’ their workspaces and provide them with ample storage space and organizational systems.

4. Workplace Injury

According to recent studies, the average worker spends 95% of their time in front of a computer screen. Issues such as eye strain and poor posture leads to increased employee injury and reduced productivity.

Solution: Office ergonomics! Adjustable desks can help reduce lethargy and make your employees more active. Ergonomic seating can help with posture and making sure that adequate space is provided for each employee can help improve their health and wellbeing, boosting productivity.

5. Poor Air Quality

As the seasons change, it’s common knowledge that workplaces turn into sickness factories. When one person falls ill, it’s only a matter of time before everyone else is coughing and sneezing as well. Sick employees can cost companies a lot, not just monetarily but in productivity as well.

Solution: Install air filters to improve the quality of air in your office and stave off the worst of seasonal illnesses! For a lower cost option, adding plants to your workplace can do a lot to improve air quality as well as improving the general mood of the office.

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