Five Things to Keep in Mind for your Office Move

Like all living things, companies grow and change over time. As your organization grows and expands the space that was perfect a few years ago is now inadequate for your company’s current needs and downright stifling for what you need in the future. In such cases, it’s time to move. Here are some things to keep in mind when finding a new space for your organization.

1. Plan properly

a. Failure to plan is planning to fail; it’s never too early to start planning your move.
b. Leaving things to the last minute can lead to unnecessary disruption to your business and extra costs, essentially erasing any benefits a move to a new, well designed office space could have provided in the first place.
c. Your moving timeline should look a little something like this.

i. 7 to 9 months from lease expiry: Looking for your new office space.
ii. 6 months from lease expiry: New office space selected and signed.
ii. 5 months from lease expiry: Fit-out contractor appointed

2. Make a budget

a. Know beforehand how much is your budget for your new office. Your budget determines what kind of fit-out you can have for your new office such as architectural features, furnishings and finishes.
b. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing items such as air conditioning, electricity; fire alarm/fire fighting etc. must be accounted for and are often forgotten about during the budget process. Keep around 30-40% of your budget for these expenses. This is assuming your new space is a full shell and core unit.

3. Get your staff involved

a. Staff involvement is a key ingredient to a successful office move and is essential to making sure your new office is a success.
b. Make sure to get feedback from your employees and try to incorporate their ideas into the design. Your staff is the engine that powers your company and a new office should be seen as a way to reward them for their hard work. Seeking employee input goes a long way in making them feel that the new space is ‘theirs’ and that their opinions are valued.

4. Look at the big picture

a. Make sure that the space you are moving to is a marked improvement over your existing one. Office renovations are a ‘do it well or not at all’ investment with no room for mediocrity. If you lack the funds to create an exciting and engaging space for your employees and customers, push it back a few years till you have the necessary funds.
b. Even with an increasingly digital world, a quality office is still seen as the hallmark of a good company. As a physical representative of your brand, your office must be designed around this concept.

5. Embrace the change

a. Office relocations provide a golden opportunity to revitalize a company and completely change an organizations culture.
b. A new office is a fresh start. Use it as a way to implement a new strategic direction for your company and a way to take it into the future. Such chances don’t come often and should be seized when they present themselves.

A once in a decade event, an office relocation is one of the most important decisions a company can make in its lifetime, with the effects being felt for years to come. As such, it is vital to do it properly. Our experts at HortonTech Interiors have years of experience in fitting out, managing and executing office moves, contact us on +971 55 796 0547/+971 43 881 163 or send us an email at and let’s get started!