Exploring the growing demand for design and build

Exploring the growing demand for design and build

Over the years, Horton Interiors has become one of the region’s most trusted design and build partners, and we’re pleased to play a pivotal role in this fast-growing segment. In the US, the management consulting and investment firm FMI predicts that design and build will see an annual growth rate of 7.6% between 2021 to 2025, with 34% total growth in design and build construction spending over the same period. Design and build is also growing here in the UAE, as projects become increasingly complex and clients look for better value alongside faster turnaround times.

Many of our clients want to occupy their premises and start generating revenue as quickly as possible, so they don’t necessarily have the luxury or need to tender the two elements out separately. We have also noticed a significant increase in the concept + design approach, where a design consultant prepares a design concept that is then passed to a design and build contractor to select and procure the finishes and complete the detailed design and construction drawings. Because a lot of design, detailing, and material selection is left to the contractor to finish or amend in the construction phase, it makes sense to let them take it on from the concept stage.

Generally, the demand for design and build comes from the commercial office sector; however, in the last 12 months, we have completed a university campus, fashion retail units, F&B outlets, gymnasiums, co-working spaces, and healthcare facilities. This shows more and more businesses recognise the benefits of integrated design and construction.

One of the main reasons clients choose this approach is down to having one point of contact and one point of responsibility, improving accountability and reducing risk. All too often scope gaps appear in traditional design and fit-out projects, which can cause real logjams in the programme, time can be lost, and then variations claimed. With design and build, you have a one-stop shop. If there are any issues, the client only has one place to go for an answer, and the focus is on how to resolve it, not who will resolve it. Closer collaboration also speeds up the overall process and alternative solutions can be agreed earlier when items come in over budget.

At Horton, our mission is to develop and deliver unique creative concept designs, in the best timeframes and with the biggest ROI for our clients. Having skilled design, procurement, and construction management teams means we can consider all of the relevant factors from the start, enabling us to achieve the best results.