With the effects of global warming becoming ever more apparent, our impact on the environment is more important than ever. The eco-friendly approach has become a necessary part of our lives from recycling to opting for public transport. Local authorities like RTA are encouraging more than ever to opt for the public mode of transport. We spend a significant portion of our lives at work; there is every reason to make sure that our office design goes green too.

There is no shortage of small but impactful design ideas to incorporate into our Office Interior design that has a less damaging effect on the environment. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about a handful of research-backed ways that can help you to make your office eco-friendly ensuring you are fully aware when it comes to your office fit out.


Increase Productivity:

In the modern-day fast-paced business world, employee productivity is very important in the workplace. Many companies offer adaptable workplaces to make sure that team has an option to choose what works for them, consulting an interior fit-out company to introduce an eco-friendly design could boost your team’s performance.

Various studies show that exposure to natural light during the working day can lead to improving office worker sleep quality but of course, not in the office. This means your team will be happier, healthier and more productive. Research also suggests that adding one plant per sqm in an office; the memory retention of employees can be improved resulting in more achievements at work.

5 benefits of eco friendly office design

Improve Employee Health

Every year in the United Arab Emirates, businesses lose a significant amount of working days when employees fall sick. Although employers are focusing their attention on the health of their staff, small changes in office design can reduce the average sick days taken each year. And with plants proven to reduce stress and improve air quality, a green office interior design comes highly recommended.

Give The Right Impression

Like any other space, the interior design of an office or space always speaks volumes about your brand and company- it means when it is about your office redesign, it’s very crucial that the interiors should represent your company identity and values. Whilst our carbon footprints are becoming a serious concern across the globe, many leading brands and companies are paying attention to creating eco-friendly products and sustainable services.

Initiatives and guidelines such as BREEAM and LEED are becoming a popular “what to do” for office design, taking into account the use of materials, installation methods and resource management are all important initiatives when integrated into at the design stage and benefits reaped with the end result.

Give The Right Impression

Save Money

From Switching from one source of power to another, offering an incentive to staff who limit their wastage of paper, changing the way your office runs can lead to a dramatic effect on not only the environment but on your company’s outgoings too. From avoiding installing wooden floor to encouraging your employees not to print or reduce printing can also reduce your cost. Installing motion sensor lighting and cooling is another way to ensure you are doing your bit in saving our planet and your pocket. So you can lower expenditure while making less of an impact on the environment.

Utilize Technology:

While a continuous upgrade to state of the art technology could seem to have adverse effects on your overheads, it is very important to understand that old machines consume more power than latest models. And while updating your office gadgets may not be your number one priority, these power-guzzling devices are likely to soon be approaching the end of their lifetime – meaning it could be well-worth seizing the moment and upgrading your computers to power-saving alternatives. So, there you have it. An eco-friendly office won’t just reduce your carbon footprint, but it could save you and your team time and money too.

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